Bruce Willis (M) - 4yrs

"Yippee-ki-yay, mother...." Oooooooo, my new fummy says i can't say that word!

As you can see i am the biggest Bruce Willis fan. I'm going to tell you all about me.

My name is Bruce and i come from a loving home but unfortunately i need a new fam-bully. I would prefer a home with older children or no children is fine too; i am happy to play and occupy myself.

I know a trick or three, no wait four... if you give me a treat, i will sit, drop, paw you and when you ask for a kiss i will bump my nose with yours. I like to do this every meal.

I love to hop in bed and sleep on your pillow and i will happily crash your shower or bath in the shower. I don't like those tub thinga-ma-jigs. 
I like to play outside, i don't like to swim but i will try and bite a garden hose when it's on, i thinks it's the best.

When it comes to other woofers I am quite dominate and would prefer a family all to myselfs.

I have always been walked on a harness and lead and even at the beach i would be on lead unless it was really quiet.

I don't like tennis balls but i do like Rebel's bouncy balls oh and i am use to deer antlers every night before bed, around 7-9pm; i will require those pretty please.

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