CHEEZELS - (M) 9 weeks

Bull Terrier X Staffie X Boxer X French Bulldog X Boxer

DOB - 14/09/18

Cheezels - Soley named as when he was a wee baby he was oh so teeny tiny gorgeous and I just wanted to nibbles him all up.
Our brindle and white stripped nose boy is a bull terrier x staffie x boxer x French bulldog mix also known as super mutt. Cheezels is a wee bit special (I think hehe) He is learning toliet training but still very early days. Also learning that toes are not delicious chew toys and we must be calm to receive attention. Although he can be really outgoing he is also very sensitive and has such an "it wasn’t me I swear" face those big brown eyes will steal your heart in a second and you will wanna just pick him up and just squeeze him (cheezels not for licking but u can if u want)
His diet is currently savourlife puppy dry food with Raw for Paws fresh meats x2 daily.

Cheezels will have had his 1st and 2nd puppy vaccines and must be booked in with rescue for desex at 6 months of age. If you would like to make an enquiry about cheezels or any of his brothers or sisters please complete the paperwork below and we contact you as soon as we possibly can.

** Please note that completion and submission of application form does not guarantee adoption of Triton. Applications will be assessed by the team and a short list created before meet and greets are organised.