Some of you may have seen Evie's picture come up but for those that don't know her story she was handed in with a dozen other animals. She has scaring on her beautiful little face from being bitten and was quite reserved. Fast forward to now, she is the centre of our little family. She has her own bed, with a doona for extra comfort that is carefully folded on top and she gets wrapped in additional blankets to keep her warm. Every night she refuses to stay in that bed for more than an hour as she believes it is her right to be in our bed. As most of you are aware, it is very hard to tell a bully NO! She has a strong mind of her own. 

 On the odd occasion we pass through Macdonalds , she gets a cheese burger (with onion and most of the cheese removed) and still gets her normal dinner of grain free wet food and Black Hawk kibble plus some fruit and veg. On work days she get's a fresh marrow bone to keep her entertained to go with the hose that she destroyed so she leaves the cushions on the outdoor setting alone! 

 Evie gets on well with our two cats Turk and Perry and is trusted to be together now while we are home. She does have her moments when she gets excited and we have to remind her they are not dogs. She also gets on well with other dogs and has stopped defensively biting.

 She is our little shadow and we love her to bits. Thank you NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc, you guys do a wonderful job and have given Evie and many many other dogs a new chance at life.


Best Regards,

Matt. .