'Kash is a loveable, sweet, unique character. I adopted Kashy back in April 2016 and my life was suddenly brighter, exciting and full of bully kiss. He arrived at Alice Springs Airport after a long flight away from his foster mum Rachel, and as soon as I saw Kash I was smitten. He took some time to settle in to his new surroundings and family but he was soon at home. He made some doggy friends and won over the hearts of many people - everyone was rooting for Kash to get a win in life. At the beautiful age of 8 Kash has bought so much character and laughter into my home. He has had his stuggles in the past but has overcome them. He loves his food, walks, swims, frisby and ride alongs in the car, he demands pats and once you pat him, your not allowed to stop. He is king of the cushions in our home and loves to snuggle in bed with you. Kash is my first Bull Terrier Adoption and he has made life so eazy, with a heart and soul so pure you never have a bad day because once you see his beaming face all your worries melt away. Although life hasn't always been easy for Kash he has learnt to love and trust humans although they haven't always loved him. If you are considering adopting just remember 'Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's broken' Love you always Kash (aka Pink Panther)