Lily (F) - 1 yr (ON TRIAL)

Hi I'm Lily and I would like to tell you my story.

The Dogtor says I had Megaesophogus with PRAA, this means I could only eat soft veterinary prescribed critical care food. I had to have dinner every 4 hours cos I was so tiny and I had to sit upright while I ate or I would of choked. I have the bestest foster family, they are the best and they are so much help I love them so much.

I have undergone a major operation and the dogtor says that I am ready for my new fambully.

I is Dog friendly, however needs work with any restrictions such as leads, fences, even just holding her back. She transitions best when she is in control and can meet without these restrictions. As she is a fast learner, I have no doubt with a trainer this could be turned around quickly.

I Walks well on a lead.

I is House trained.

I is Crate trained.

I has Great manners. Shakes, sits and drops.

I Loves regular exercise, in particular chasing balls, sticks.

I Needs to be kept busy, otherwise she will get into mischief.

 I haves Great recall.

 I Loves cuddles, in particular being held upright.

Food, oh my, food, this is my absolute favourite word, hehehe I will always lets you know when breakfast and dinner is due.

I also Loves water – hose, sprinkler, beach or any puddles.

We will still need to monitor what i eats, and provide in smaller increments to prevent choking. She now weighs a healthy 15kg, has lots of muscle.