Miss Roxy... Beautiful Miss Roxy came to my daughter Savannah and myself in January 2016, poor baby had been surrendered to a Vet to be PTS. Miss Roxy had to have an operation due to infections and the owner was not willing to pay the cost but willing to pay to have her PTS.
A quick thinking nurse contacted Rescue and after her surgery Miss Roxy was delivered to our door.

I will never forget the nurse pulling up out front and this little bow legged Mini Bully sitting so lovely on the back seat staring up at me with those happy little raison eyes, famous tail wagging.

Well we just loved her from the beginning, after a month she was adopted but sadly it didn't work out so she was returned to us. I can't say I wasn't smiling as something was missing without her.

We have a non friendly Bully Miss Rubi and a friendly GSD Harley so we set about trying to intergrate her.

It was a scary experience with Miss Rubi and after awhile we agreed it was never going to happen. Although Miss Roxy can be very sociable if the other dog shows any aggression she turns into a rage very quickly.

Harley would go to her crate and she would be very cranky with him but instead of reacting he would lay down in front, after a while she would relax and be calm.

So after a few weeks of non reacting we decided on a walk to the park, lol, from that day forward these two have been best buds.

Miss Roxy spends most of her days on my bed, sofa or in one of the crates when Rubi is inside.

They on occasions will glance sly eyes at each other but for the most part they agree to live separate lives without too much fuss.

So far Miss Roxy has been on many adventures, she spent a few days on Pops farm with Savannah and discovered cattle, they thought she was a calf. Miss Roxy loves a little walk and loves to go for a car drive no matter how short or long.

At the Bully fun day in Caboolture she was thrilled to find so many happy dogs and her efforts to be extra special friends was a little embarrassing and let's just say she can be quite the smoocher.

Recently Miss Roxy discovered a love for sailing and is now famous at the Manly Marina. Miss Roxy is just the most precious older girl, 11 now, can be very demanding in a sweet way but everyone she meets loves her.

Recently Miss Roxy underwent a huge lot of tests and an operation to scale her teeth, and remove a tumor from one of her breasts.

She also has a cancerous tumor in her ear which will need to me removed in the new year.

We love Miss Roxy and I often think at night when she is snoring loudly does she know how lucky she is to have people like Peta and Erin looking out for her? I think one day she might meet them and give them huge kisses because if she could talk she would say thank you NSW Bull Terrier Rescue for saving my life at the very last minute.