Hello everyone! My name is Zelda and this is my story of how I was adopted.

My mummy was looking for a fur baby to help fix my biggest brothers broken heart after he lost his first bully love. After looking for months and months she saw me on the NSWBTR web page and said she knew I was the one. 

After a few weeks mum did a big drive to Port Macquarie to pick me up. I was so excited to go to my new home! On my first night mum snuck me inside and put me in her bed with my little brother cause I was crying cause was scared.  I soon got used to my new furever home mum said I had to sleep outside, but my big brother kept sneaking me in. My three brothers spoil me rotten everyday! I gets to go to the beach and walks and the farm where there are these noisy big cow things. But my favourite is the beach cause me likes to crumb myself in the sand after a swim and its so funny cause me brothers copy me and mum gets soooo angry at us. I dunno why cause we just having fun. 

My first six months were a bit hard on my mummy. See I was born with a bad heart that no one knew about. My cardiologist says I is a miracle baby cause poochies that have a bad heart like me don't normally live till one and I is seven! I have to take special tablets everyday and I is not allowed to get too excited. I almost got to be famous too and go on Bondi Vet! My mum says I is also a bit of a tart. See I like to go up to really hot guys and give them kisses and cuddles sometimes jump on their lap. Mum says its embarrassing! But I is just being friendly and I can't help it if I like hot guys.

Nearly a year and a half on now I love my family and my furever home. Aunty Erin did a good job helping me get to my mummy.